I'm going to Germany on August 7 and coming back on August 17. So happy about it :3'
Yes I'm single. Not ready to mingle.'
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Anonymous said: so what did u do in berlin? did you speak german or english?

Well, of course nobody spoke romanian!! Most of the people talked english so it was a huge help when I got lost on the train station D: on my way to Konigs Wusterhausen. I talked some german for sure to at least practice a bit.

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Anonymous said: your german needs some practicee!

OMG! I know! but Can I mend things over by saying that I took german classes for only 9 times!!?? I promise to practice more of this beautiful language. 

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Anonymous said: your german sucks bitch

Thanks for noticing that!! I took some german classes at school then I gave in because german is so difficult. Don’t call me a bitch! You bitch! 

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